Break Free. Turning stiff and stressed into flexible and happy.

We are born to be flexible and happy, dancing like saplings in the wind. That is our innate design. Flexibility, playfulness, and happiness. But the world can be tough, and by the time many of us reach adulthood, our minds and even our spines are becoming stiffer and suppressed. We lose the ability to release and let go. Soon after, most of us have stored enough stress to crack a window pane.

All that stress harasses our ability to relax and sleep. It stiffens our bodies and our emotions. It represses our ability to let go and dance with the wind. It suppresses our ability to be at peace with ourselves, to express ourselves, and to be genuinely happy. It denies us the sense of playfulness with which we were born.

Break Free reveals how to let go of the past. Your body learnt how to store stress, and your body can learn to release it. Your body can guide you back to your inner peace. It can liberate you from stiffness. It can empower you to rediscover your inner joy.
This is a synthesis of the science and practice of releasing physical and mental stress, and becoming one again. With scientific insights, real-life stories of transformation, and daily practices of brilliance, this book shows you;

  • By uniting your mind and body, you can reclaim control of your life
  • To release your inner Zen and learn how to stay forever young
  • The tools to “biohack” your own nervous system, and upgrade your view of the world
  • The formula to relax into a night of quality sleep
  • Daily practices which cultivate long lasting happiness

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