“Does your spine feel as young as you want it to? Do you wake with energy, flexibility, a clear mind, and a good mood? Are headaches, neck, or back pains holding you back from enjoying life 100%?
Our society has normalized chronic stiffness, aches, and pains, and called it all “aging”. But it is not OK to feel stiff and weak, to move like an “old person” every morning. It is not normal to feel irritable or intolerant. There is a way to keep your spine strong and young, and to age gracefully, energetically, flexibly… choosing life on your terms. Drugs and surgery are not the answer to poor spinal health. No drug or surgery can ever add health to your spine.
Duffy describes a commonsense way to restore health and rebuild your happy spine. Headaches, neck pain, insomnia, dizziness, shoulder pains, anxiety, and depression, can all be side effects of an unhealthy neck. Restricted breathing, loss of memory, and acid reflux are among the illnesses related to poor mid-back health. And herniated discs, sciatica, hip pain, and circulatory problems are associated with lost lower back health.
Drawing on decades of experience, and the latest scientific research, Duffy explains how you can rebuild a healthy spine, from the inside out. Take the weight off your shoulders, and learn how your spine can help you to feel young and flexible, for life.
  • Learn how to stop back and neck pains from ruining your future
  • Common Sense explanation of how to build your healthy spine
  • Real-world success stories and life-changing cases
  • Self-assessment tools to measure your own spine at home
  • Tips for changing your posture and spinal health
  • Clear action points for you to take control”
This is serious stuff. No punches are pulled as he presents the facts on drugs and surgery. He then gives practical tips on how to choose a Doctor who can guide you to better health. The book is packed with cutting-edge research, personal anecdotes, and life-changing stories from clinical practice. And it is all topped with a liberal topping of sarcastic Irish humour. Befriend Gravity is an opportunity to reclaim your health.

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