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Dr Glenn a has spent two decades working with clients and managing teams of Doctors and Physiotherapists, dedicated to changing lives by rebuilding happy spines, for life. Sportsman, outdoor enthusiast and family man, he now runs a thriving Chiropractic practice in Marbella, Spain. Learn more in About Glenn

Pain, stiffness and fatigue are not normal. Stress can store in your spine, robbing you from relaxation, sleep, and even happiness. There is another way. Learn how to Befriend Gravity. Free yourself from pain and fatigue. Find peace, and liberate the real, happy you

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Break Free. Turning stiff and stressed into flexible and happy.
You are born to be happy and flexible. Break Free reveals how to let go of the past. It guides you to recover your inner peace. It liberates you to release any stiffness. And it empowers you to rediscover your inner joy.

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